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Lian [userpic]

Testing out word press's ability to hotlink haha

July 25th, 2011 (12:22 am)

Forgot to update the completed image of Homura as 110MB went crazy on me *phhhtt* and also Livejournal doesn't allow 110MB to hotlink as to many XXYY sites are using it for XXYY stuff *sigh*

*edit* seems like wordpress is working wonderfully as an image hosting site with 3gig to play around with :D Not bad for a free account!

Lian [userpic]

WIP fanart for upcoming event!

May 28th, 2011 (02:24 am)

Wow .. been so long since I last drew and coloured something .. the last one was last year I think... O_O omg..  didn't draw for almost 1/2 a year TnT ~~~

Can u guess who she is?

Lian [userpic]

Fukushima 5 - Spot version

May 23rd, 2011 (12:26 am)

 Now that Spot's tank has been rescaped, it's time to put in some fauna!

Problem is, I've always had trouble trying to find out if my tank has already been cycled or not .. readings so far tell me that my ammonia, nitrate, ph and nitrie is in safe levels ... but did not do consistent readings so I'm not sure if the cycle has finished .. *sigh*

So.. 5 unfortunate shrimps (which were not very red) which I now call the Fukushima 5 were selected to be deployed to Spot's tank to test if it's conditions are livable. They were put in on Saturday. Initially, for the whole of Saturday and Sunday, there were frantically swimming round and round and round the tank .. I thought they were goners. But Sunday evening, they seem to have calmed down somewhat .. hopefully they will survive!

Lian [userpic]


May 17th, 2011 (04:42 pm)

After the hectic period trying to prepare for the new library opening plus my exams, I'm finally freeeee!!!!

My friends immediately booked me to go out and play :D

First on the list was... Kite flying!

Oh my ... kite flying is really tiring! And the really hot Singapore sun does not help at all .. after about 2 hrs running about under the sun, I was exhausted!!! (think I'm too unhealthy.. been too long since I last exercised regularly :( )

After kite flying session, it was makan session with another friend who managed to get some discounted meals at Arteastiq via bigdeal. Ambiance was pretty nice, but the food and service was .... bleah... nice food presentation though :P

After lunch/ high tea, it was time to visit the museums since it was the last day where we could visit the museums for free! We decided to visit the National Museum of Singapore

This piece was rather visually entertaining for me. I like the suspended village the and shadow that was cast beneath. Reminds me of circuit boards! 

Another installation that I liked. These are hand embroidered pieces to emulate currency. You gotta get up close to look at the intricate details. Very impressive! The way the installation was put up (on huge pieces of translucent canvas) gives it a very ethereal feel ... very nice! There were quite a few of these huge currency embroidery on display.

In the very dark room, there was this doorway that led to another room. The doorway faces this intricate painting of the folks from a little town .. but somehow, seeing that glowing painting in the doorway gave me an eerie feeling ...

I guess I can't really appreciate abstract things ... out of the many installations, only a few appealed to me .. lol! I just couldn't understand what the rest were all about .. very weird... guess I'm not artsy enough hahaha!

Also, to celebrate my new found freedom, I rescaped my very neglected tank (aka Spot's tank)! Bought a very nice piece of driftwood ($14 .. OMG how come wood so expensive...) and a few pieces of rock. Managed to salvage some of the still surviving plants and transferred them to the new scape.

Here's how it looks like now :D

Front view

Back view

Now .. just need inspiration to start drawing to get ready for upcoming events ><

Lian [userpic]

Home made tomato soup! :D

March 23rd, 2011 (02:23 am)

 Heh... another internet recipe experiment!

What happened was that I had left over cream from an earlier cream puff making session at sis's place. As I didn't want it to go to waste + my mom has warned me to STOP making cream puffs, I had to search for an alternative recipe that requires cream.

First thing I though of was tomato soup as I absolutely love tomato soup :D :D .. especially the one from saybons *droool* Got a random recipe from the net (with lots of good reviews) but I added an extra ingredient which was tomato puree for that extra tangy taste which I like :)

Silly me didn't know that mom no longer had a blender!!! Had to mash up the stuff in the soup with a potato masher! *tedious* ... Straining the soup was a pain too! But the soup turned out beautiful and yummy (a tad salty though) :)

Lian [userpic]

Back view of RCS tank

March 20th, 2011 (09:55 pm)

The back view of my nano 2.5g shrimp tank :) This is the view I get when I glance at the tank from time to time when I'm at the computer.

Cute little critters those shrimp :D


Lian [userpic]

Mahou Shoujo Magica Madoka - Piano version

March 19th, 2011 (02:14 am)

 Wow .. I was never much of a fan of magical girl genre, but omg .. Mahou Shoujo Magica Madoka totally blows my mind! *thanks Manda for reccomendation!*

Totally in love with the ending song and someone actually mastered it on the piano! Looks damn tough.. such dexterous fingers!

Lian [userpic]


March 12th, 2011 (03:37 am)

 After the successfully making the choux puff, the next milestone was to make eclairs!

Same exact method as cream puff, but with the added chocolate glaze at the end. Didn't quite manage to make the chocolate glaze well .. too runny >< nvm, try try again :D

At least bro and mom liked it :D

Eclairs all puffed up and filled with custard cream :D

Dressed up with some chocolate glaze! Gotta work more on that glaze thingie .... >< too dilute!

Lian [userpic]

The cream puff journey ...

February 27th, 2011 (11:19 pm)

 For some weird reason, I have been having this strange compulsion to make cream puffs ... maybe it's because I love eating Bread Pa Pa's cream puffs but find them too expensive ... or maybe I felt that at this age .. I should be able to start cooking/ nice edible stuff instead of just eating them ..

Anyways, did some searches on the internet and finally got around to doing it on 12th Feb ... everything felt so foreign as I've never baked before!!! Didn't know how to stir in the ingredients, measure, convert etc ... took a very very long time to do ><"''' ... First attempt, the choux puff rose slightly, but the interior was rather dense, I made the mistake of adding water during the mixing. The filling was a total disaster .. I tried a recipe that advised to use premixed custard cream and heavy cream plus some other stuff and whip them together. I happily whipped and whipped ... and when it did not thicken, whipped some more .... I ended up with butter =_="""" ... not to waste it, I heated the mixture together, let it cool and piped it into the puffs ... Didn't taste that great =_____= Brother ate one and refused to eat anymore. Mom helped abit, I tried to finish the rest... =_=

Decided to try again today, this time trying out yet another recipe with suggested using pie dough on top of the choux puff. Made a big mistake by adding again too much water, trying to make the mixture less thick >< The puffs didn't rise at all!!! However, the cream filling turned out great!!!. 

In order not to waste the very nice cream filling, I researched the internet again and found out my grave mistake of adding water instead of eggs to soften the mixture >< Keeping that in mind, the 3rd try at choux puff met with success! :D Yay!

Now I have yummy cream puff to eat :D

Lian [userpic]

Let's play 'Spot the baby'

February 20th, 2011 (01:10 am)


Managed to find it? :P

Here's a close up view of one of them which I spotted this morning

So tiny!!!!

Lian [userpic]

Yet another aquarium update...

February 17th, 2011 (01:58 am)

Another pregnant shrimp! :D

And another video hahaha

Lian [userpic]

Wedding piccy for friend :)

February 12th, 2011 (01:52 am)

Another wedding picture for a friend :)

Lian [userpic]

Tempted to try a little herb garden :D

February 8th, 2011 (02:28 am)

Very inspiring!!! 


Lian [userpic]

My shrimp is pregnant! :D

February 5th, 2011 (12:24 pm)

 Yaaaaay! After so many months of waiting and after 3 batches of store bought shrimps (they kept dying on me... this is the first time the shrimps have survived so well) I finally have my first berried Red Cherry Shrimp!!! *Feels like a proud mom* .. hahahaha.....

Here's the mom feasting on some food ... it's really quite amusing watching them eat and trying to steal each other's food :D Can't really see the eggs clearly in this photo though...

If you look closely, you'll able to see the eggs in this photo :) Pardon the dirty looking glass ^^;; haven't been cleaning the insides of the tank lately

And here's a video even! *yes.. you can tell, I'm very excited by this .. hahaha*

Here's another photo of one of the baby shrimps that came from the store bought pregnant RCS .. they've grown quite a bit!

Off topic ... a little DIY Chinese New Year craft my mom and I did since we discovered a stash of old unused red packets in her drawer!

I guess .. really 早生贵子!

Lian [userpic]

Happy Chinese New Year!!

February 2nd, 2011 (05:15 pm)

 To all my chinese friends, Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you and your family members happiness, health and prosperity! :D

Huat ah!!

Lian [userpic]

Aquarium Update :D Gardening attempts

January 22nd, 2011 (01:48 pm)

 Just a quick update on the aquarium :D

The other day, I had a shock when I saw this happen to my aquarium...

But luckily that disappeared in less than a day (I think it was a chemical reaction of sorts when I changed the water) and now it looks like this :D The moss is growing beautifully *happy*

Also trying out a DIY self watering planter www.instructables.com/id/Self-watering-recycled-plant-pot-for-growing-herbs/ at first I thought it was a failure when everything turned brown and whithered! But after a week or so ... I saw this!

After a week or so.... it's now the size of a 10 cent coin :D I've also added some roadside creepers that I found while walking home one day .. no idea how this pot of plants is gonna turn out hah!

Been so busy since last year, no time to draw... no time to think of new merchandise for event ... heck.. no time for events even! Will be an even busier year this year ... especially since school term is restarting next week!! .. Hopefully will have more personal time in the middle of the year!

Lian [userpic]

Mini Chocobo!

January 12th, 2011 (07:36 pm)

Lian [userpic]

Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2011 (02:35 am)

 Hello 2011! Nice to meet you :) It's been great 2010, thanks for the memories!

First thing I did after watching the countdown ... go to my room to do work .....

'cos I had to clear my work stuff so that I can go Bangkok! :D

Lian [userpic]

Android sketching!

December 26th, 2010 (02:38 am)

Trying out the auto desk sketch programme combined with diy capacitive stylus and lj beetle app

Posted via LjBeetle

Lian [userpic]

Reusable bag design contest! (Singapore only)

December 17th, 2010 (02:56 pm)

Hey folks!

Wow today is announcment making day .. haha...

Anyway, here's a contest that you might want to check out (sorry, this is only for artists located in Singapore).

The new Public Library that is opening at Clementi is having a contest for artists to come up with a design for reusable bags that can encourage patrons who borrow and use the bags to return them to the library after use. (Designs need to be original.) - This is the theme by the way ....

1st prize is $1000 worth of prizes, 2nd prize $800 worth of prizes, 3rd prize $500 worth of prizes, 4th and 5th prize $200 worth of prizes :) Not bad... not bad at all :D Winning entries wil be featured at the opening of the new Clementi Library :) (good exposure!)

Submission deadline is 15th Jan 2011 so there's still time to squeeze out those creative juices to come up with an awesome design! (Size of design is 20x30cm)

Submission details

1) Design dimension 20cm by 30cm

2) Design must be original

3) Please provide a short 50 word description on how the design suits the theme.

4) You can submit 2 ways
- Hard copy version or save the image into a CD. These can be submitted to the counter staff at any of the Public Libraries

- Email the digital file to PLmarketing@nlb.gov.sg with the subject header 'Brown Bag Design Contest'

For more details, do check out


Do help to spread this news to other artist friends who might be interested too :D