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Lian [userpic]

Happy New Year!!!

January 1st, 2012 (03:32 am)

Celebrated New Year's Eve at my place this year with my friends and mom :) I think we've stopped going to Marina Bay for the countdown as it is too much of a hassle! (Sign of old age I think??!?)

Anyway, it was a nice and simple dinner (total cost $56!! So much cheaper than eating outside!) We started by meeting at NTUC to buy the ingredients ....

With 4 chefs, we cooked up an international dinner! TH did Vongole Pasta and Pat cooked Tom Yum!

I contributed with Chawanmushi, this time experimented by adding prawns, crabstick and mushrooms :D Nice :D

FL did konnayku jelly, but alas, I forgot to snap a photo of it!! T_T ... TH brought along the Korean movie "You're my pet" ... unfortunately it came with terrible terrible subs (we think it was translated using a translator software ... one of the main character's name was translated into United Kingdom ....@_@;) which made it even more hilarious although I couldn't understand the dialouge 30% of the time... TH did much better though lol! To create that cinema and New Year atmosphere, we turned off the lights when watching the movie and wore light sticks! (so geeky hahaa but fun :D)

Once it came nearer to the countdown, we brought out the sparkling juice (mom can't take alcohol) and ice cream!

Cheers! May everyone have a wonderful 2012! May it be filled with happiness, health, motivation and inspiration ^_^