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Lian [userpic]

Beautiful Koh Lanta!

December 19th, 2011 (01:56 am)

Just got back from Koh Lanta (Krabi) and it was sooooo beautiful :D Relaxing beaches.... amazing sunsets... great food :)

Photo journal after this cut :)

We started off the trip at the Budget Terminal. They had this really cute picture rubbing activity where folks in the transit lounge could place the provided paper on the various craved wood drawings and use the provided crayons to make a really nice image :D

Alas when we arrived at the Krabi International Airport, our hotel airport transfer was no where to be found! After a few attempts to converse with the hotel staff (they have very limited english) .. we think they were trying to tell us that the driver cannot be contacted and that we should find our own way to the hotel .. =_= .. so we took a taxi which surprisingly costs less that what the hotel transfer would have cost!

The route to Koh Lanta is very interesting. We had to cross Koh Lanta Noi before we reach Koh Lanta Yai (our destination) and to do that, we had to do a ferry crossing! So interesting to be on a car that was travelling on a boat! haha!

However, it was a long wait at one of the crossings due to the smaller capacity of the ferries ...

Once we reached Koh Lanta Yai, a very amusing ad caught our eye .... we were so amused, we asked the taxi driver, Mr Tong, to reverse his taxi so that we can take a photo of it :D

*feels demoralised as a female ...*

Our very opportunistic taxi driver then took us to a tour booking office after learning that we were interested in doing diving and cooking classes in Koh Lanta .. and there we spent a bomb as we booked for 2 dives at Ko Ha and a cooking class in the morning at Lanta Thai ..... (I think we got carrot chopped ...)

It was already 8pm by the time we reached and checked into the hotel, Lanta Resort :) The reason why we were at Koh Lanta was because I bought a Groupon deal for the Lanta Resort stay hahaha ... they had a very interesting way of presenting the hotel room to their guests :) Overall, the resort is very nice, the rooms are spacious, the resort is HUGE, the pools are amazing (we even have a private pool - sort of... a few units share a lap pool ..) and within walking distance to Prah Ae beach aka Long Beach (which is the most beautiful beach I've seen ... and longest one too! Wonderful for long walks in the sunset!)

At night, we decided to head out to Saladan town for dinner. Took a motorcycle taxi there :) So fun to have the wind in your hair!

Nothing much to see though, lots of touristy stuff, and most of the shops were already closing... so we decided to find a place to eat :D Tried one of the roadside looking stores (instead of the more fanciful themed restaurants)

Food was good :D Really liked the Tom Yum and Phad Thai and Mango Shake!

Next morning, the dive center picked us up from our resort and brought us to their boat which we had to walk through their live aboard, the Flying Seahorse in order to access it.

The waters were very chopping on the way to Koh Ha ... but the islands looked really magnificent! We dived at Ko Ha lagoon and Ko Ha Yai. The latter had a very spectacular cave also known as the Cathedral Cavern ... it was so surreal to surface inside the air pocket of a cave and see the light streaming through from the opening below! How I wish I had an underwater casing for my camera!!! Looks something like this (random youtube video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVroi06-gQ4

We were so tired after the dive (the current was really quite strong and we all got exhausted trying to swim against the drift) .. we slept the entire afternoon away and only woke up nearing to evening time. Decided to check out the beach...

After walking up and down the beach, we decided to settle down at the beside restaurant Sam's Sunset Bar for dinner .. food was quite nice and they even had a fire dance show at 8pm!

We shared a Tom Yam, Hawaiian pizza and a Phad Thai .... too filling!

Also got myself a Tequila sunrise :D

Next morning, it was time for cooking at Lanta Thai! :D

We were taught by chef Chien, and learnt 4 dishes. Tom Yum, Phad Thai, Green Curry and Panang Curry :D there were only 3 students so we really got alot of supervision from the chef :D

Later in the day, we went back to Saladan Town as we wanted to get our dive books stamped by the school .. along the way, we had mango shake again :D (so cheap there!)

*Feels like jumping for joy when drinking mango shake*

We also stumbled across the Black Pearl, which is the restaurant that Chef Chien opens in Saladan! We didn't eat there as the prices were quite high hahaha.. *cheapo*

Dinner for that day was back at the beach again and this time, we walked all the way to the end and back! We tried the place beside Sam's Sunset bar and got ourselves some BBQ fish along with some really good fried rice, sweet and sour squid and mango shake (of course!) :D

Next morning, before we headed off, we got ourselves a Thai massage in our room .. those ladies are really strong! Felt like rubber after they were done .. haha!

Overall, a very relaxing trip (my friend really terrorised this poor male staff as she had so many questions that he couldn't understand and give us a satisfactory answer .. I could almost see him whimpering every time he saw her .. LOL) ... 


Posted by: Iruka (sakachan)
Posted at: December 19th, 2011 01:14 am (UTC)

Wah! You make me want to go phuket again XD (talking about that I havent finish editing the photos) or go krabi

Posted by: Lian (lian)
Posted at: December 19th, 2011 04:59 am (UTC)

LOL you can try Koh Lanta if you prefer the quieter sort of beaches :) It's less happening than Phuket.

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